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"In a gold rush, don't invest in the gold diggers, invest in shovels!"

André Kostolany

Open new business areas now and become part of the crypto revolution! Rent your Bitcoin vending machine and benefit from lucrative additional revenues and increased walk-in customers! ATENSIS UAB is the perfect partner for you!

Getting started in the Bitcoin vending machine business is very easy if you follow our basic steps. Our programme offers support, basic information and solutions for your own Bitcoin machine!

Operate a Bitcoin ATM? Your advantages:

since 2017

Your advantages of Bitcoin ATMs:

Offer your customers an easy introduction to Bitcoin!

Benefit from a recurring source of income through a stream of new regular customers!

Vending machine users also tend to use your products and services as well.

Take part in an exciting, new, unsaturated market!

Attract attention for your location!

Become a regular meeting place for crypto enthusiasts! Bitcoin/cryptocurrency meetings are usually organised near a Bitcoin ATM. Especially for bars and restaurants this can be worthwhile.

You achieve a competitive advantage over competitors because a promising service is offered.

Your location will be listed on several Bitcoin ATM maps and online platforms, making it more discoverable.

Become part of the global crypto community and contribute to the adoption of this new technology!

Rent a Bitcoin machine - this is how it works


The machines


Why work with ATENSIS?

Use the dedicated support team of ATENSIS for your customers!

Transparent fees and simple business fields guarantee satisfied relationships!

Money transactions require a high level of discretion! Your data and the data of your customers are safe with us. All data is managed in compliance with GDPR.

ATENSIS has been a Bitcoin vending machine rental company since 2017, giving you years of business experience to fall back on!

All infrastructure is operated in the EU.


ATENSIS is your company around Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies
since 2017

Bitcoin ATMs - often asked

A Bitcoin ATM is similar to a normal cash ATM. The difference is that here you can buy Bitcoin with cash and vice versa exchange Bitcoin for cash. They look like traditional ATMs, but Bitcoin machines do not connect to your bank account, but connect you directly to a Bitcoin exchange through which you can buy and sell Bitcoin.

You benefit from the installation of a Bitcoin ATM in several ways.

Each transaction incurs fees, the majority of which remain with you.

Furthermore, a Bitcoin ATM is a new contact point, which in turn brings potential customers to you.

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